JBL On Time Micro iPod/iPhone dock

Lately I have been seeing a trend in iPod/iPhone docks. A lot of them are small, round, and they tend to put out more sound than you would expect. Such is the case of the PURE Contour, the iHome iA17, and now the JBL On Time Micro.
I got a chance to try out the On Time Micro, and I thought it was pretty loud on one of the lower settings. The On Time Micro uses two JBL Phoenix transducers for computer-optimized equalization for its good sound.
The On Time Micro is really made to be an alarm clock dock for the iPod or iPhone, because a lot of people need that. Not only will it charge the iDevice while you sleep, but you can wake up to whatever your favorite song on your playlist.
There is a bright LCD display and is easy to navigate through the menu. It can be done with the included IR remote, and it has an AM/FM radio with five station presets.
If you like the idea of the JBL On Time Micro next to your bed, feel free to head to the JBL site and pay $199 for it. It used to be $249, so you might want to get in on this deal before it goes back to the original price.