K’Nex Mario Kart lets you build your own racer


Ever wondered whether you had that engineering streak in you? Well, why not put that question to the test with the 14.99 K’Nex Mario Kart that will come in Mario, Luigi and Yoshi varieties? Yes sir, this particular toy will have to rely on your imagination to get all the thrills and spills of a race going on, as there is no engine or controller for you to make sure you reach the finish line first before your opponent. I suppose if you want to collect all three designs, you will have to fork out triple the amount of cash, but if you’re a true blue Mario fan, surely that is not too much to ask?

Nice to know that each purchase will come with its very own familiar in-game item, where they are the banana peel, mushroom or star. While no controllers are available to help you move them in directions that you want, they are still good for a drag race – thanks to a pull-back motorized all round action display for head-to-head drag racing. Those who have trouble fixing furniture from IKEA might want to think twice before putting all 66 parts of this together though…

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