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With the advent of touchscreen phones, the entire notion of a user interface has greatly changed from the nested menus that we were so enamoured with back in the heady days of Nokia’s reign in the world of cellphones. Well, Apple’s foray into the smartphone market certainly changed many things, and you could more or less say that overnight, everyone and their dog decided that touchscreen displays on phones were the way to move forward. Simple taps just won’t do however, as Apple also introduced some ideas such as pinch-and-zoom, flicking your finger to move to the next or previous photo or page, amongst others.

This kind of thinking is further perpetuated by eyeSight, a company that has worked hard to integrate Hand Gesture Recognition Technology into Android-powered smartphones – in particular, the new Pantech Vega LTE device. Expected to arrive in the market later this November, we are rather stoked to know just how gesture recognition on something as small as a phone could very well change the way the world uses mobile devices.

eyeSight’s CEO, Gideon Shmuel says that Pantech users will enjoy a completely new user experience, controlling their device with natural and intuitive hand gestures, although I am not quite sure just how near or far the phone must be to detect such gestures – and will a front-facing camera be necessary for such a task?

I do know, however, that eyeSights technology will be able to complement Pantechs touchscreen user interface, so that you can easily use your entire suite of applications and content in situations when touching the handset is not exactly the most ideal situation, especially during driving, cooking, and using gloves amongst others. Apart from that, users of Pantechs gesture-enabled devices will also be able to perform other action items such as answering incoming calls, activating their MP3 players, play games, and perform other tasks. Will the face of mobile gaming also change with eyeSight’s invention?

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