Check out this DIY Wrist-mounted crossbow

by Mark R

I always like seeing DIY projects like this, especially if they are weapons. This wrist-mounted crossbow looks like it could do more than a little damage.

Designed by Patrick Priebe, it would have been already been classified as one of our coolest gadgets if he would have just made a wrist-mounted crossbow. Instead, the creator took it a step further and gave it a laser sight.

You can watch the video after the jump to see it hit some balloons, light bulbs, soda cans, and other targets. You will note how accurate that it is, and you can see how it is powered by two AA batteries.

It reminds me of something that James Bond had in Moonraker with a wrist-mounted dart launcher. Granted, that movie was one of the worst and completely unbelievable of the Bond films, and I suppose that you have to again suspend your disbelief in order to accept that such a device like this could ever be concealed.

Yeah, I’m not certain what situation would call for a weapon such as this. Perhaps it would look awesome in some movie, like some sort of Mad Max genre. I don’t know. The issue is that we here at coolest-gadgets know what gadgets are cool, and this is one of them.


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steve Says: December 31, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Deus Ex Machina!

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