iSafe cushioned car is the safest ever

by Mark R

Yesterday, we covered the Ford Motor Company’s lane keeping technology that could help prevent accidents. Today, I have discovered another way that accidents can be prevented with the iSafe.

The iSAVE-SC1 by Humanix is essentially an electric-powered, three-wheeled golf cart that is the safest thing you can drive. It is essentially a frame made of inflatable balloons, and being hit with it is like being hit by a giant marshmallow.

Considering its top speed is 30 miles per hour, I am going to have to agree with my Source when it states that “you may be better off getting hit by the iSAVE-SC1 than you would be driving it”. There is a video of it after the jump in case you don’t believe me.

This reminds me of a comic bit by Brad Stine where he wonders why we don’t turn every car into a bumper car. It certainly would reduce the number of fatalities and injuries in auto accidents. Just imagine getting blindsided and just bouncing harmlessly away. Heck, it’s fun!

Yes, this is our future, lots of iSafe vehicles on the freeway bouncing around like an amusement park ride. Let’s just hope that these cars will be faster and easier to steer than most bumper cars.


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