Dr Who Cybernetics


Fancy your little one growing up to be an engineer, a career path that you thought you would have taken if not for the lack of finances? Well, you can start him or her young with this 24.99 Dr Who Cybernetics purchase, where you are able to reanimate those who were left for dead with the Dr Who Cybernetics kit. Thanks to a bunch of different circuit boards which allows you to reanimate this detailed Cyber-head, the reanimated personality is able to perform one of three functions that we will describe below.

In Infra Red mode, you are able to use your household TV remote to activate it, while in Object Sensitive mode, it will activate whenever it detects any movement within the vicinity. Under Light Sensitive mode, itll switch itself on when it detects light, how neat is that? Just make sure that you have a couple of AA batteries on hand to keep it working at all times.

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