SofShell for the iPad 2 from Sofproducts

I have reviewed a lot of covers made for the back of the iPad like Bracketron’s Back-iT and the AViiQ Smart Case, and this SofShell by Sofproducts falls under that product category.
As its name implies, the SofShell goes for a soft rubber feel rather than a hard plastic or metal shell. It also has a unique ability of being transparent. You would be able to completely see through it if not for the interior case texture that keeps it on and makes it easy to peel off.
It “fits like a glove” and is able to reduce shock by 43 percent. Sofproducts also states that their product is “anti-slip”, which means that you could rest an iPad 2 with a SofShell backing on an angle that is 70 degrees, and it would not slide off.
I mentioned before that the SofShell has a rubbery feel, but it is not rubber, silicone, neoprene, or urethane. I’m not certain what it is, but it is medical-grade material that is hypoallergenic and latex free.
I reviewed the SofShell for the iPad2, which is not compatible with the first version of the iPad and is available here for about $49.50. You can get a Sofshell for the original iPad, as well as a SofShell for the iPad 2 with a SmartCover on the SofProducts web site.

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  1. I have a simple standard sewing machine that doesn’t do embroidery. I need tips on the right type of material to use (iron on?) and what kind of stitching I can use to design these patches, with lettering and such. I will do this with either my machine or by hand. Please help . thanks.

  2. these cases with just the backside protection aren’t worth it to me. plus it’s $50. i just got a $15 case from and it covers both front/back well.

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