Robot Tea Infuser

Who says that robots will rule over us humans in the distant future? I suppose things will still remain the same, where we lord it over those digital beings. Otherwise, how else are you able to explain the $9.99 Robot Tea Infuser? Sure, they might have the relevant know-how in how to perform a whole lot of complex tasks, but what do they know about making a good cup of tea?
The Robot Tea Infuser will get the job done for you though – made out of stainless steel so that it will not spoil the taste of the tea that you’re about to drink, all you need to do is pop open his chest compartment, load it up with your favorite loose leaf tea, close it, and pour some hot water inside – waiting for a few minutes for the delicious brew to infuse. He comes with adjustable arms that will enable him to hang freely around your mug – now how about that?