Bodymetrics Body Scanner relies on PrimeSense technology

I must say that air travel has certainly gotten a whole lot more complicated ever since 9/11 came and went. Now you need to put up with smelly feet when folks take off their shoes to go through the scanning machine, not to mention some of us passengers are subject to random swab tests as to whether we are carrying some sort of explosive powder or anthrax, while others even have to step into a full body scanner, where your most intimate bits can be seen somewhat as well.
Bodymetrics however, feels that there is potential in a full body scanner – hence rolling out their new device that relies on PrimeSense technology that delivers a ‘Body Mapping’ platform, where it is touted to be the world’s first full 3D body scanner. Using eight PrimeSense 3D sensors which will map the body’s measurements and shape. Bodymetrics basically changes the way consumers buy clothes via the virtual ‘try on’ of outfits, where it is applicable at both retail stores and online clothing retailers. This enables you to perform a more realistic fit before purchase, and I suppose it makes it easier to purchase clothes for someone else too, right?

This new 3D body scanner was launched at New Look, who as a global clothing retailer, will rely on their 3D body scanner application to offer fashion advice, where body-shape analytics are used to find garments which will best suit your unique shape and size. Guess husbands and boyfriends will benefit the most here – no longer do they need to make guesses as to whether the skirt or dress is going to fit their beloved or not.
I am not quite sure whether the implementation of this kind of technology will see the initial investment be incorporated into the price of clothes – what do you think?
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