Paper Airplane Doorstop


Now here is an irony – a paper airplane that is, what – not made out of paper? Why, if that is the case, this means it won’t be able to fly at all. Well, that is the whole idea of the $11.99 Paper Airplane Doorstop anyways, it is made out of ABS plastic and comes in a wedge shape just like that of a paper airplane. This was done so that your door won’t simply go a-slamming each time there is a strong gust of wind that goes through the hallway, and you also can make sure the other end of the doorknob does not end up scarring your newly painted all.

If this is ever going to take flight (which I don’t recommend), then be careful where you aim it at – it might end up causing extremely serious injury if it hits a human at one’s sensitive parts at the right velocity, and this will certainly not fly around before dropping, as its weight will definitely see it drop to the floor far faster than expected. Measuring 8.25″ long and 4″ wide, it will definitely be able to keep your doors in a holding pattern without missing a beat.

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