Lazer Stunt Chasers

by Mark R

If you have never used a laser pointer to play with a cat, then you don’t know the joy of teasing animals! I recently reviewed a laser pointer from Griffin, and I loved to watch my kids chase the red dot of light.

Now there is a toy that can capture the joy of laser pointer teasing without the cat or the kids. In lieu of them are these cars that will go wherever the light is pointing.

As the name implies, these are stunt cars. So if you want to take these vehicles up ramps for jumps, and even through loop de loops, just aim the beam in the proper direction. There is a video after the jump if you want to see them in action.

The Lazer Stunt Chasers are battery powered cars that I suppose are RC, even though the only remote is the laser. Yes, someone has finally taken the two things that drive cats crazy (toy RC cars and laser pointers) and combined them!

You should be able to get the Lazer Stunt Chasers from the Thinkway Toys site in various models and prices. The average one will cost you about $40, and I believe the laser is thrown in with the deal.


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