GoPro HD HERO2 camera launched


Still got that adventure bug biting you even though you thought that your crazy college days are over? Well, good thing technology has advanced to a point where it is now possible for you to go nuts (and give your insurance agent a nice scare) with your latest escapade – and record all of it down in video, of course, without worrying about whether that camcorder of yours is able to hold up or not. The GoPro HD HERO2 camera that you see here is definitely something, where it brings not only high definition recording with you around in a tough manner, there is also Wi-Fi remote control capability to take advantage of.

GoPro’s latest effort has certainly seen marked improvement – where it is twice as powerful as GoPros original HD HERO camera, letting you shoot some of life’s most exciting moments in professional quality 1080p HD video. Wait, what is that – you want to shoot stills as well? Not a problem, as with the HD HERO2, you too, can immortalize moments in 11-megapixel glory if you so desire.

Touted to be one of the most versatile cameras in the world courtesy of its innovative mounting system, the HD HERO2 is one tough cookies, boasting renowned durability while coming in a small form factor. With a new processor thrown into the mix, the HD HERO2 has double the processing power of its predecessor, while an entirely redesigned wide-angle lens will be able to take full advantage of the HD HERO2s increased image-processing.

Apart from that, there is also GoPros new Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote products that will roll out in time for the winter season, making video remote control possible thanks to the Wi-Fi Remote, and you can also enable live GoPro video broadcasts from virtually anywhere to smartphones, tablets, computers and compatible devices – as long as there is Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot. It will retail for $299.99 a pop, and if you feel that you need not own the latest and the greatest, there is the original model that will cost $199.99 to $239.99, depending on the kind of configuration you decide to outfit it with.

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