Arctic Force Snow Tracball

Yes, winter is coming to folks living in the northern hemisphere, and for those who stay in areas where there is snowfall, you can be sure that your kids as well as the others in the neighborhood are going to be excited at the prospect of snowball fights. Old school methods include using a pair of gloves that pack in as much snow as possible in a round ball, then using all of your strength to hurl that snowball at incoming opponents. Good thing modern technology has also stepped into the hallowed ground of snowball fights, as you can now have tools to extend your firing range (and velocity) in the form of the £7.99 Arctic Force Snow Tracball.
No longer do 5 or 6 good throws are all you are able to muster – with the Arctic Force Snow Tracball, this unique device will let you pack your own snowball in a matter of seconds, and hurling them at distances of up to 100 feet away without having to touch snow by itself. Interesting, no? It works as you shovel a little bit of snow into the Tracball’s curved scoop, where pulling up the orange handle will help compact all that snow into a perfect 6cm diameter snowball. When you see your victim in range, just whip the Tracball downwards and watch it fly through the air.