Remote Control Illuminated Moon


Some of us during our younger days, when wooing a person of the opposite gender, we would promise the other party all sorts of things – just like politicians do, and most of the time we are unable to fulfill those promises. Among such promises might include the moon and the stars, but here is a chance for you to redeem yourself – never mind the number of years which has passed since then. The 24.99 Remote Control Illuminated Moon could be the answer to your problems – and it is also a suitable night light for young kids.

The name of the device gives the game away, where it will help you keep track of the moons phases, never mind if clouds already gathered around the moon to blot out its silvery light. All you need to do is mount this authentic moonscape on your wall, and it is ready to go – where it has been specially programmed to cycle through the phases similar to that of the actual moon. Want to turn it off? Just use the handy remote and switch it off, and if you forget to do so, it has an automatic shut-off function as well. It needs no reflection from the sun, but rather, is powered by a quartet of AA batteries.

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