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Life at the office can get rather dreary after a while, so why not learn to spruce and spice things up with a little bit of sport? After all, being seated behind your desk all day long might just prove detrimental to your health in the long run, which is why playing a little bit of hockey could help break some sweat during your lunch break. Of course, since most office buildings are nowhere near the vicinity of an actual hockey stadium, hence the creation of the 19.95 Desktop Table Hockey that requires just two players to get a game going.

This is a stylish and compact mini air hockey game manufactured by Peers Hardy, where it will translate the arcade playing experience to a stuffy boardroom setting. At least you will be spared from all the corny music that is coming out from the rest of the arcade machines in the background, not to mention stale air and cigarette smoke that lingers around. Strong jets of air will blow upwards of this device, letting your puck float on a cushion of air as you attempt to smash it into your opponent’s goal mouth.

Just make sure you have 8 AA batteries handy at all times to keep it powered, and if this is going to see regular use, I would highly recommend rechargeables for the sake of your pockets and environment.

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