Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus arrives Stateside

Just how many Galaxy Tabs are there out in the market at the moment? It is a question that certainly warrants an answer considering how Samsung loves to lump an entire family’s worth of devices under a single name. Well, we do know that it all started off with the original 7″ Galaxy Tab that while it was no iPad killer, it certainly did help Samsung figure out more on just what consumers wanted. Well, I guess with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that proved to be quite a winner in our books, their experience has brought them to the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus now.
What’s so special about the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus? For starters, it will feature a Peel Smart Remote App that is said to deliver a powerful “Discover, Tap and Watch” home entertainment experience. Basically, Peel is supposed to enable users to instantly find and watch their favorite TV shows – while having the ability to stumble upon new shows depending on your preferences that have been entered into the Tab 7.0 Plus via the touchscreen display.

Personally, I prefer a 7″ display since it is easier to hold and slip into my jacket pocket, but for those who prefer a larger sized display, I would recommend you stick to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 if Apple products are not your cup of tea. The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus certainly is the pinnacle of 7″ tablets at the moment, packing in a whole lot of processing power into a body that tips the scales at a mere 345 grams while measuring just 9.96mm thin.
It will be powered by Google’s Android 3.x Honeycomb operating system that is tablet-centric (no idea on whether it will end up with Ice Cream Sandwich or not eventually though), making sure you get the best Android tablet experience to date. With built-in infrared capabilities, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is able to double up as another remote control for your home theater/TV setup. Peel basically enables users to control any home entertainment system regardless of manufacturer.
Interested? The 16GB Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will arrive Stateside to tempt you with your hard earned money this coming November 13th for $399.99. Seems to make for a decent Christmas gift idea, don’t you think so?
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1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus arrives Stateside”

  1. I like the galaxy tab. Not the 7″ size though.
    I really think they should of waited on coming out with anything new.
    I know with the iphone release of 4s “Siri”
    you know they will come out with a new Ipad with
    “Siri story time” or something like it. after all what parent wouldnt want to buy an something that can read any book out loud to thier kid word for word plus be able to use it for anything else.
    So the real challenge is for android markets is to get a real voice AI for the phones and tabs quickly if they want to stay in the tablet market

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