The AViiQ Smart Case for the iPad 2

by Mark R

Many iPad 2 owners have one of those cool and often colorful Smart Covers that serve as both magnetic screen protector and stand. However, what about the back of the iPad 2? Fortunately, the AViiQ Smart Case for the iPad 2 has the iPad 2’s back.

Similar to the Back-iT from Bracketron, the Smart Case is made of rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate “anodized to match the colors of the Apple Smart Cover”.

It is designed to last by minimizing stretches and fading, and it snaps nicely into place. The hard plastic case comes with a smooth finish to protect the iPad from any shock and impact from side bumps like the wall, for example. That, and some accidental droppings.

Another feature to boast about is that it keeps the iPad very cool in your hands. Anyone know how hot these iPads get after a few hours of use?

It is also designed to compliment the Smart Cover, but it doesn’t include the cover. Someone really needs to make a front cover and back cover combination for the iPad 2. Right now, you can get this from the AViiQ site for about $34.99-$39.99 in orange, red, green, lavender, gray, black, and more. By the way, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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