Lytro introduces Camera 3.0

by Mark R

If you aren’t familiar with Camera 3.0, think of it this way: Camera 1.0 would be film, Camera 2.0 is digital photography, and this Lytro camera that you see in the picture would be the third version of photography.

In case you are wondering, these Lytro cameras are not the small size of lipsticks that it would appear. The actual measurements are 4.4 inches and 1.6 inches square.

These Lytro cameras could re-define “point and shoot”. On one end is the lens, and another with an LCD touchscreen display. There are some power and shutter buttons, but no other buttons, lenses, scroll wheels, and knobs. The purpose of this Lytro is so users can take pictures and adjust them afterword.

These pictures can actually be adjusted on software or the camera itself. For example, if you want to do a shot with something in the foreground and something in the background, you can adjust the photo on the camera so the subjects will shift focus. It has this ability because the Lytro camera image is a 3D map of whatever is photographed.

There are three models that will be available in 2012. The ones with “electric blue” and “graphite” exteriors have 8GB of built-in memory (350 shots), and the “red hot” one has 16 GB of memory for 750 shots.


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