In the future, you can walk on a Passing Cloud

At some point in time, I think we all thought the sky would be full of airships, sort of like the alternate reality seen on the television show Fringe.
This is concept known as Passing Cloud, and it is a stainless steel structure that can support spherical nylon balloons that link together to form a bubble cluster cloud. It floats up, and people take a literal walk on the clouds.
From the CG picture that I see here, it looks like there is some sort of wall to make certain the passengers don’t fall off. I’m guessing that it is similar to the wall around heaven.
I would imagine that big tourist trap cities like New York and Chicago will want this fakey looking cloud floating over them. All that would be required is to go up the stairs to this cloud, and the cloud casts off. It is vulnerable to the wind, and I don’t see any way to control this cloud.
This reminds me of a book I read called the The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois, which was about a society on Krakatoa that escaped its volcanic destruction on a platform that floated by…twenty-one balloons. Clearly someone wants to bring this flight of fancy to life.

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  1. If they can design themed hot air balloons in practically any shape, certainly they could make flat tops to those balloons, even if they didn’t exactly line up with one another. Those hemisperical tops look dangerous even with the edge barrier, I wouldn’t want to walk around on that.

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