StarBath helps you soak up the atmosphere


While some of us love waking up early and greeting the day with the rising of the sun, others prefer a more subdued way of being in ‘the zone’, especially when dusk falls and the stars come out to dance all over the night sky. There is just something indescribable about the peaceful feeling one experiences when seated on the verandah, looking up into a clear night sky. For those who prefer the warmth of their bedrooms and yet do not want to draw the curtains open to look out the window, there is the 34.99 StarBath.

Basically, the StarBath is a tiny planetarium that is capable of projecting the Milky Way and thousands of stars right up on your ceiling, letting you relax under their perceived twinkling – while you remain nice and toasty under that comfort blanket of yours. As it is battery-powered, there is no need to mess about with a power cable, although I would recommend getting rechargeable AAA batteries if you’re going to use this often.

Up to 10,000 stars are displayed via its LED, where it has a projection distance of 150cm to 230 cm, while sporting a projection range of around 100cm in diameter. I suppose by the time the quartet of AAA batteries run out (3 hours thereabouts), you would have fallen asleep already.

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