LG Display sets another world record with 55″ Public Display Panel

When it comes to world records, some companies do chase after them in an effort to gain recognition. I would not classify LG Display as one of them, although it does not hurt that on occasion, LG Display does include a fair number of improvements to their releases that do take the cake at the top of the world. Case in point, their latest 55″ Public Display Panel that is also said to boast of the world’s narrowest bezel.
Just how narrow is it? You might want to take a seat first before getting the dimensions. This new public display panel will feature just a 5.3 mm gap (left/right: 3.4 mm, top/bottom: 1.9 mm) right between individual panels whenever they are placed alongside one another. Sounds like a dream, no? This would definitely provide advertising companies and firms who want to promote their stuff to put on display a generous 165″ multi-screen public display. At that kind of size, your eyes will catch seamless, life-like images without irritatingly fat bezel lines. I suspect that CES 2012 will have its fair share of such a setup, starting with the LG booth itself.

It goes without saying that the narrow bezel would pave the way for a more visible surface area, indirectly improving the viewing effect as well as visual cohesion which proved to be a rather critical aspect where multi-screen displays are concerned. LG Display threw in their Full HD panel for this particular Public Display Panel, boasting 800 nit of brightness with it. Apart from that, the panel also delivers vibrant colors as well as sharp contrast to make sure that it is far brighter and clearer in comparison to previous setups.
LG Display also knows that folks are more environmentally concerned these days, which is why they have also introduced additional energy efficient technologies into this setup which relies on Local Dimming Technology – and I must say it is impressive to hear that power consumption has been lowered to 40% that of current products without having to sacrifice on performance, now how about that for being green?

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