Lego bricks used to make Segway of sorts

We do know that those with a vivid imagination are able to construct some interesting stuff using nothing but Lego bricks, and there has been some pretty special creations conjured in the past. Well, humans being humans with our creativity, there are always better things to come in the future – case in point, Lego bricks being used to create a ‘Segway” of sorts. This is not something that will be able to ferry humans around, but it is still enough to keep children and curious adults alike mesmerized.
Also known as the dIMU (Dexter Industries Inertial Motion Unit) Inertial Motion Sensor, the creation of this device will obviously require the presence of an accelerometer as well as a gyroscope, working in tandem with the Lego Mindstorms NXT. Fully capable of measuring acceleration, tilt, and rotation on all 3 axes, this allows you to construct Lego robots that are able to balance itself on a couple of wheels, measure the rate of acceleration and have an idea on which way is up so that it will not topple over. Read more about this little wonder in the extended post.

Apart from measuring both static and dynamic acceleration, this little creation’s accelerometer also enables it to measure up to 8 g’s on all three axes (between ±2g, ±4g, and ±8g). As for the gyroscope, it will measures the rate of rotation (±250, ±500, and ±2,000 degrees per second) as well. If you’re interested in picking up the dIMU, it will set you back by $65 – and I am quite sure it will offer more hours of fun than a video game, while honing the creativity of your kids at the same time. For those who want a more detailed description of the product, here it is from the horse’s mouth below.

The Dexter Industries dIMU Sensor reads acceleration, tilt, and speed of rotation. This sensor combines a gyroscope and accelerometer into one sensor, allowing your robots to do amazing things! Both the accelerometer and the gyroscope read on all three axes (x, y, and z). Build robots that know which way is up, can measure tilt, balance themselves, and measure acceleration and rotation on all axes all at once. The sensor is supported in NXT-G, RobotC, NXC, and Labview for Lego Mindstorms.

Any takers? Could be an opportunity for you to get your Christmas shopping done early.