Lean Mean Green Machine


I know that the movie Green Lantern did not exactly make it big at the box office, but if you went to watch it without any expectations, then you would probably enjoy yourself somewhat with all the corny lines. Somehow superheroes tend to have hang ups in their relationships, don’t you think so? But I digress – being a Lantern, you can basically will anything and everything into existence, but for those times when you’re tired of doing so, perhaps it would bode well for Hal Jordan to have this $75,000 Lean Mean Green Machine sitting in his garage.

This 9′ long, three-wheeled motorcycle was inspired by the Green Machine, which is the classic big-wheeled pedaled tricycle that hailed from the 1970s. Closely resembling the original in terms of its proportion, color scheme, and 45″ diameter front wheel (incidentally being the world’s largest to boot), an air-cooled, 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo engine delivers 60 horses to get you up and around, hitting your stride at 50 mph. Its front wheel will be driven by a chain that is housed in a protective cowling that will replicate the toy’s frame.

With an 8.5 gallon fuel tank that has been integrated into the frame, you get up to 400 miles with this puppy. At that price point, this is a plaything of the uber rich, when you can get an extremely nice car for yourself in exchange.

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