Angry Birds get their own (unofficial) tablet


You know that a particular idea has reached mainstream consciousness when it gets printed and sold in all sorts of places and manner – and Rovio’s Angry Birds certainly embodies such an idea. You have an unofficial Angry Bird park in China, and where else but China can you find an Angry Birds tablet which is obviously powered by Google’s Android operating system.

This is actually based on the latest Wopad V7 tablet that will run on a Cortex A8 processor with a 7″ touchscreen display, boasting the ability to handle 1080p video played from internal memory or from the Web thanks to the use of Adobe Flash. In fact, this tablet will ship with the Angry Birds “Match the Bird” game as well as Angry Birds Seasons pre-installed already, saving you time from downloading it on to the tablet. Other parts of the 4GB of internal memory will also be used to hold different Angry Birds applications and wallpapers.

Other hardware specifications include a front-facing camera, HDMI out, USB connectivity, and 512MB RAM. No idea on pricing though.


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