Ectaco jetBook Color to be seen at CES


Like I mentioned yesterday, those who are aiming for an e-book reader sometime down the road tend to have limited choices simply because a tablet is far more popular, and tablets tend to be able to double up as e-book readers (although the display might not be too suitable for reading for hours on end), but an e-book reader is more or less good for only one thing – that is, to enable you to read digital books on the go with a display that is easy on your eyes.

There are some major players around like the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle, but there are others in the market as well. Among them would be Ectaco, and the company will be presenting the long awaited jetBook Color at CES (in Hong Kong, according to the press release) as well as the International Book Fair in Frankfurt from October 12th onwards. To know more about the jetBook Color, read on after the jump.

As the name implies, the jetBook Color will be the first in the world that relies on Color eInk, as well as being the only eBook Reader that is focused primarily on education and will boast exclusive content that is oriented toward students worldwide. Hmmm, color TVs have been around for a long time already, so now to have color e-book readers that are worth their salt? I’ll take one, thank you very much.

Just what kind of newfangled technology do you expect to see inside? For starters, how about a multilingual speech recognition module, followed by a text-to-speech module that enables the pronunciation of books, machine translation technology which lets the device translate (just about, really) anything from one sentence to an entire book in a matter of seconds.

Heck, there is also script character recognition that works in conjunction with an EMT panel so that students are able to write on the screen, turn their script into typed characters (I would suppose legible handwriting is required) and assists teachers in checking assignments by replacing paper for classwork and homework to reduce waste and save time.

No idea on the pricing details yet, but we do know that the jetBook Color will sport Wi-Fi connectivity as well as an optional 3G chip.

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