AT&T partners with Amber Alert GPS

Gone are the days when you can trust your little one to have some fun outdoors without worrying yourself silly over whether there is some weirdo out there who is stalking your kid. This has led to a growth in the market of child security, where devices such as kid-friendly cell phones as well as emergency buzzers have been released, and this time around we have mobile carrier AT&T work with Amber Alert GPS to deliver the V3 child tracking device.
This particular device is said to be able to keep parents notified of the current location of their children so that they need not worry themselves to a head full of white hair, but rather, let nature take its course. Just how flexible is the V3? Well, for starters, parents are able to create “Zones” around their home, neighborhood, school, soccer field – basically a perimeter along a selected area, and be on the receiving end of an email or text alert whenever their child enters or exits a Zone.

Not only that, the V3 ought to deliver even greater peace of mind upon knowing that it has integrated its tracking with the National Sex Offender database, helping alert parents of the situation whenever their child is within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home. I suppose this is not that fair on the sex offender who might have reformed during the period of incarceration, but the onus is on the offender to gain the trust of the public, no?
The V3 device also sports an SOS button so that children are able to activate it in order to alert their parents should they happen to be in a fix (being out of dough at a 7-11 does not count as an emergency!), and parents are able to pinpoint the location of the child in a jiffy. Other features of the Amber Alert V3 comprise of speed alerts and “bread-crumbing” that was inspired by Hansel & Gretel so that their movement can be tracked at specific intervals, as well as one-way voice monitoring.
You can place a pre-order for the V3 today – what are you waiting for?
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