Arctic Force Snowball Blaster


For some of you living in the northern hemisphere, your favorite season is about to arrive soon – winter! And that would mean plenty of snow if you so happen to live in a place that has plenty of those, surely snowball fights are your specialty. You might have developed quite a mean throwing arm after years of practice, but there is nothing quite like having a tool to help you out in your attempt to outshoot your opponents, right? This is where the 24.99 Arctic Force Snowball Blaster comes in handy – it doesn’t hurt to get your preparations done early, right?

The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster works as advertised – thankfully. It is not only tough, but lightweight as well, being able to launch up to three snowballs simultaneously. Something tells me your ammunition line will have to work overtime to feed this puppy, but you can buy them that time if you’re an accurate shot – considering it can launch snowballs up to 80 feet away.

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