8-Bit LED Jack O’Lantern


Halloween’s coming your way, and if you so happen to celebrate this particular holiday, then surely you would want to dress up your home with all sorts of Halloween decorations, no? Forget about carving out the traditional pumpkin – times have changed, and you too, need to move on with the times. Fancy getting an updated Jack O’ Lantern that can be reused each year? Here’s the $17.99 8-Bit LED Jack O’Lantern.

Yes sir, you need no knife to get it up and running, and while it might require a swipe, it won’t be that of the carving knife but rather, a credit card. The 8-Bit LED Jack O’Lantern will let you save up those pumpkins for something else, and bear in mind you will never be able to make any pie out of this, but at least it makes the entire place feels a whole lot more festive than ever before!

Decorative lights often have that effect on people, and I would say that the same applies to the 8-Bit LED Jack O’Lantern.

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