LEGO Sort and Store


Forget about IKEA’s storage solutions for once – if you’re a huge fan of the LEGO franchise with its bricks that perfectly fit into one another at the correct grooves thanks to the wonders of modern engineering, then you would also need a place to stash away all those rogue LEGO bricks. We’re talking about the $44.99 LEGO Sort and Store, where it measures a rather cavernous 12″ tall and 10″ wide. Parents who want their kids to clean up their LEGO pieces once they’re done with playtime and have failed to convince them all this while might want to approach the situation from a different angle, using the LEGO Sort and Store as an incentive.

This is basically a minifig head made of sturdy yellow plastic, and opening it up will let you perform a ‘magic’ trick as it is capable of sorting up different size LEGO bricks into separate compartments. Don’t believe me? Just throw in a bunch of LEGO bricks into the top, close and shake it up – all small, medium, and large pieces will then be sorted into separate compartments.

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