G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool


Golfers have their fair share of gadgets too, you know, although the selection might be rather limited compared to a true blue geek. Well, if you are only allowed to purchase 3 gadgets for your golf hobby, then perhaps the 14.99 G-Clip Compact 4-in-1 Golf Tool should be made compulsory, never mind that it is relatively affordable. Not everything that is expensive is good and vice versa. After all, when 9 out of 10 PGA Tour Partners Members would recommend it, you know for sure that this is going to be one impressive gizmo. Just what do you do with it though?

For starters, this highly portable device comes with a built-in magnet that will hold your place markers, while a stainless steel divot tool will help repair and aerate greens. Not only that, it also doubles up as a club rest so that your grips remain dry, now how about that? A sprung holder is able to hold a couple of thick or thin tees of any length, while molded Velcro will securely hold your loose glove. Not only that, it will attach in a jiffy to your belt or waistband, being easily accessible whenever you need it.

Considering the fact that it tips the scales at a mere 1oz (28g), this seems to be the perfect gift for dad if he has made mom a golf widow. Perhaps it might just prove to be the tipping point for him to play more golf than he would want to, turning away from the game completely after that.

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