Drinking Extinguisher quenches your thirst


I realized something very true at the dinner table – no matter what kind of delicacies I shove down by throat as well as the array of drinks that slide down smoothly, nothing beats clean, cold water. There is just a refreshing feel to it, especially when so much of today’s food contain MSG that tends to induce thirst afterwards. Well, if you’re going to make sure the fire in your mouth is put out because you had one too many jalapenos in your pizza, how about doing it in style with the 17.99 Drinking Extinguisher?

Bear in mind that this is meant for drinking only and not to put out any fire in the vicinity – that would call for an actual fire extinguisher. Of course, this might also mislead the uninformed and clueless that it is OK to drink out of fire extinguishers, so make sure you influence those around you the right way. This drinking vessel seems to be the perfect thing to have around parties, and it will definitely put you on the cool list even amongst strangers. Each Drinking Extinguisher can hold up to 1500CC of life saving water – or your favorite poison, of course.

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