Working Recycling Truck


Recycling is the way to go in this day and age. After all, being green is all the rage, and at least you get to preserve the earth for the next generation. If you want to get kids in your home to go green, you might as well begin with the basics – that is to have them recycle. Hence the $119.95 Working Recycling Truck that is actually a rear-loading recycling truck which will compact, store, and dump refuse – similar to the real deal.

Created by Bruder, renowned German toymakers for 85 years, it will come with a couple of 3.25″ x 2″ recycling bins which are dumped by hand into the truck’s hopper with a lifting grapple. Twist a knob on the Working Recycling Truck and a packer blade will kick into high gear that scoops debris into an internal storage compartment that allows it to hold up to 100″ cu. of crumpled paper or other small items.

I don’t think putting food items in there is going to work though, that might just stink up the whole place (or just your cubicle) as last week’s pizza starts to decompose.

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