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Out of the entire iPod range, the iPod classic and iPod shuffle seem to be the most likely candidates to be discontinued, but there was no such announcement made when the iPhone 4S was announced earlier yesterday morning. Well, at least one member of the iPod family received an upgrade, which is the iPod nano. Of course, the iPod touch has gotten more affordable, but we will get to that at the end of the article.

The iPod nano will now feature larger icons that makes it even easier to use, thanks to the intuitive Multi-Touch user interface. Frankly, with a screen size that small, I don’t think there really is a need to have so many fingers dance all over the screen at once, but if it were to make life easier, why not? There is also a choice of 16 new digital clock faces to choose from to keep even the most fussy person happy, ranging from the classic analog all the way to Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Fitness buffs who have long used the iPod nano to track their progress will be pleased to know that said device will be able to track your runs and walks the moment it is unboxed without the need for any more accessories, letting it keep a record of your time, pace and distance of your run, in addition to counting how many Big Macs you’ve earned as well as doubling up as a pedometer. There is even motivational real-time voice feedback when you run in 7 languages, but I think a group of girls with pom-poms might do better for some.

As for the iPod touch, it will now play nice with Apples new iOS 5 that will come with more than 200 new features such as iMessage, Game Center, Notifications and Wi-Fi Syncing to iTunes. With iMessage, you can send text messages, photos, videos and contact information to an individual or group as long as they too, run on other iOS 5-powered devices like the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Last but not least, pricing is a concern to us all. The new iPod nano with Multi-Touch will start from $129 for the 8GB model and $20 more will net you double the memory, while the iPod touch will start from $199 onwards.

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Jeff L Says: October 5, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Would be nice if the Nano had some type of speaker to annunciate on the hour, alarms, timer… Would make the clock all that much better…. And Bluetooth out…

Jabran Says: October 23, 2011 at 12:55 pm

I like the multi touch user interface. It adds a lot of flexibility to the usage.

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