FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

by Mark R

We have reported on the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro before, and I got a chance to try it out. I wish I could try it out in the pool, but I don’t have one. Also, it is kind of cold out.

As we mentioned before, the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro is for the serious swimmers, like those who are competing. I had no idea that swimmers need to have a “perfect pace” to sync their strokes in order to sink the competition.

The Tempo Trainer Pro is a waterproof timer made to beep like a metronome to help the swimmer find that perfect pace. It is made to be clipped to a swimmer’s goggles, and, as you can see here, it fits under a snug bathing cap. Yeah, this isn’t going to fall out anytime soon, but if it does, it will float right to the surface.

The FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro has three button functionality for three adjustable modes. Mode 1 is a single beep in strokes per second, Mode 2 is a triple beep in strokes per second, and Mode 3 is a single beep in strokes per minute.

This device is not just for swimmers. It is for bikers, runners, and any other activity that can be improved with a perfect pace. If this works for you, head to the FINIS web site and lay down $49.99.

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