Life of George comes to Lego and the iPhone

by Mark R

It would appear that the mobile life and Lego have reached an intersection with Life of George. The game is designed for iDevices, and it involves pattern recognition.

In this case, the pattern is some flat structure made with Lego, and the user/player must replicate the same structure using the 144 Lego bricks. When the user believes that he or she has matched it perfectly, then the Lego project gets put on the dotted mat and photographed. It has better be a perfect match to win the round!

There are about 12 levels with 10 photos each, and there is even a two-player mode. There is also user based content options available too. So if you want something you have created to be in the game, just take a shot of it on the dotted mat. By the way, somehow this dotted map acts as a greenscreen. Don’t ask me how that works, but you can see how it works in the video after the jump.

Life with George is available right now, for about $30 with the mat and the bricks. The application itself is free, but only on iOS for now. I just checked the Android Market and I couldn’t find it.

My only question is who is the George in the title, and why is his life full of photographing Lego objects? I saw the guitar in the image and thought that maybe it was referring to George Harrison, but I don’t think he was blonde. Well, that rules out George Clooney.


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