SpyNet Laser Trip Wire


We’ve seen a couple of devices from the SpyNet range before, and obviously this one is more of a defensive alarm than anything else. The name of the $39.99 SpyNet Laser Trip Wire gives the game away, where this trip wire will let you re-enact scenes from various films that offer nail biting moments, including Catherine Zeta Jones’ fine derriere snaking herself through a maze of trip wires in the movie ‘Entrapment’. The SpyNet Laser Trip Wire set will compries of a quartet of devices to make up your very own defensive office security system, and no longer will people be able to “borrow” your stationery on a permanent basis.

Each Laser Unit sends out a class 1 laser, and when connected to the Receiver Unit which holds the alarm as well, a beam of light will be created. Should the light beam (or shall we say ‘laser’ for a more serious effect) be disturbed or crossed in any way, the alarm will go off.

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