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Even though you might be best buddies for many decades already, human relationships can be pretty fragile at times – and a game of golf might end up in fistcuffs when some cheating has been discovered, or in accounting circles, ‘creative adjustments’ in the scorecard. What better way to prevent a slip of the pencil than with modern technology? I guess this is where the 14.99 PGA Tour Electronic Golf Scorecard would definitely come in handy.

No longer do you need to remember to sharpen those pencils and remember to bring enough paper the next time you’re going to spend some time on the greens, all you need is the PGA Tour Electronic Golf Scorecard and you’re good to go. Just make sure there is enough juice remaining to keep it powered, where said device is able to score up to 4 players simultaneously. It clips on easily to your golf bag, and with a LCD display that makes it easy to tell the score at a glance, a sliding cover ensures it remains safe from any splashes, knocks and flying divots. Heck, it is smart enough to let you know the time and temperature as well.

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John Putt Says: August 22, 2013 at 9:42 pm

If you have been hesitating about getting a golf GPS unit because you weren’t sure how they worked, the time is now to invest in one. The technology is constantly improving and as these improvements take place the prices are also going down. If you want to raise your golfing level, the price is really a small investment when you consider how important the game of golf really is to you.

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