Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On brings racing action closer to home than ever before

The world’s fastest sport is also one of the most expensive – it basically isn’t cost effective to drive a Formula 1 car, but then again, it is through Formula 1 that we get many technologies that you see in passenger cars these days such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as well as paddle shifts. Sure, fans of the motorsport will probably have their idols whom they want to emulate, and one of the ways to sit in your very own Formula 1 car would be through a computer or console game.
What used to rely on console controllers or a keyboard to navigate your vehicle has evolved greatly, where a steering wheel add-on is definitely favored over the traditional gaming setup for that added dose of realism. After all, you don’t drive an actual car with the keyboard, right? Not only that, a steering wheel peripheral also makes the game far more immersive. Having said that, Thrustmaster has come up with the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On that is a removable racing wheel and a life-size replica of the Ferrari 150° Italia racing wheel.

Specially designed to attach to the T500 RS wheel base, it is capable of delivering both power and precision that has made this racing wheel such a unique experience. With the Thrustmaster Quick Release attachment system, it allows you to quickly attach the wheel face to the T500 RS base in a matter of seconds, letting all RS Series wheel base owners to invest in the myriad of wheels available for them to best enjoy the optimal experience and level of realism in all types of races.
This particular Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On will come with a scratch-brushed reinforced metal facing that ensures optimum solidity and inertia, and not only that, the scratch-brushed metal F1 Push & Pull sequential shifters are also attached directly to the wheel to emulate what F1 tradition is all about, sporting rubber-textured grips for maximum control.
There is also a bunch of built-in equipment ranging from rotary knobs to switches and action buttons, letting you perform precision adjustments according to your own racing style as well as the different conditions on the track. Expect to bring home the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On from early next month onwards at $199.99 a pop.
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