String Thing helps you get it right


You know what they say – a good workman never blames his tools, but sometimes, you just think that if it weren’t for your tools and not the lack of skill, you would be able to do so much better in a particular sport or activity. If you’re an avid fan (and player) of racquet sports such as tennis, then surely you would need to know a little bit of basic physics. For example, the nylon strings on your tennis racquet were specially designed to shift, stretch and spring back as it comes into contact with the ball to deliver power to your shots. The strings won’t stay evenly spaced out and in place all the time though, so eventually they will get misaligned.

Enter the 19.99 String Thing which is rather curiously named, allowing you to reset strings to their proper position without having to do it the old fashioned way by hand, and the latter most probably would be a disaster since they probably would not end up being perfectly straight anyways. Made from polycarbonate, this virtually indestructible String Thing is able to give Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton a run for its money in terms of toughness.

The entire process of running the String Thing through your racquet takes mere seconds, so you can get back to your playing best as soon as possible.

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