The Powerbag Messenger charges your devices as you carry them

Once again, a device has shown up on the market that allows users to forget that they have charged their mobile devices instead of forgetting to charge them. This type of charger does sit on your desk, but it is a bag that you take with you. This is the Powerbag Messenger by Ful, and it allows you to charge your tablet, smartphone, iPod, or other mobile devices.
The secret is the removable battery inside, that can be charged with the included AC cord. When the battery is docked with the cradle inside the bag, the user can check its battery level by hitting the power button. LED light indicators (four in all) reveal how much power is in the battery. The user can then hook up to the Apple connector, micro-USB, or mini-USB, which are conveniently located in the Messenger bag’s pockets. The battery even has a USB port for anything that is USB chargeable!
According to the official web site, one Powerbag charge is sufficient to double the battery life of a smartphone. It definitely could make the difference to someone on the road.
You should be able to find the Powerbag Messenger, as well other terrific models of the Powerbag, on the Powerbag web site for a price of $139.99.