Pajamas Warming Pouch


For those of us who live in temperate countries where the four seasons come and go like clockwork, here is a little food for thought – which season do you like best? Some of us would most probably love the summer warmth, while the others would prefer the chill of winter because there is no need to take a bath all that often then. Well, should the mercury start to plunge below levels which you are comfortable with, perhaps you might want to check out the $39.95 Pajamas Warming Pouch.

After a nice, warm bath, what better feeling is there to slip on your silk pajamas – only if they aren’t so cold as though Death just passed by, of course. Hence this particularly nifty device that should be compulsory in all households, where this pouch sports integrated heating elements which can reach 118 F and a thermal satin interior to retain heat, making sure your pajamas is toasty warm in a mere 10 minutes.

The heating elements will be able to maintain the temperature automatically at all times as long as power is supplied to it, sipping a mere 50 watts of juice to make it more environmentally friendly than most light bulbs. Pajamas aren’t its only specialty though, as it can also accommodate towels, hats, or glove. Want to bring it around when you travel? No problem – just fold it to half its size and you’re good to go.

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