TRTL BOT brings new meaning to iPad 2 case with The Shell

Whenever someone purchases a new device such as an Android smartphone or a shiny iPad 2, surely he or she would also be enticed by the person at the sales counter to pick up some sort of protective case – it is only natural to do so. After all, why risk scratching your latest purchase, or even worse, what if you happen to suffer from a particularly bad case of butterfingers that day and drop the iPad 2 onto a concrete floor with a thud? It might be made out of some tough stuff, but that does not mean it is exempt from cracks and scratches either. All of that will definitely drive you to fork out even more money for a case, and this is where another dilemma begins – just which model do you pick up out of the hundreds of cases out there? Seems that it took you long enough to decide on the kind of tablet to get, and now you have to scratch your head one more time to figure out the kind of case you’re going to keep it company with. Well, TRTL BOT has an interesting solution for you – by rolling out The Shell, which is actually a clever combination of iPad 2 protective casing, multimedia viewing stand-easy grip handle, home button protector, volume enhancer and carrying tote. Specially designed to be part of the iPad 2 accessory life, The Shell will merge the functionality of many different accessories into a single device – hence bringing new meaning to the words “multifunctional case”. Among some of the innovations crammed into The Shell include a multipurpose handle that allows you to tote around the iPad 2 in a jiffy, while doubling up as a multimedia stand so that you can watch your favorite videos or type via a Bluetooth keyboard comfortably without introducing even more cramps to your already beleaguered hands. There is also a child-friendly retractable home button protector to make sure that all apps and settings will remain safe whenever you share your iPad with your family. Not only that, a Volume Enhancer feature is built into its design that will redirect the speaker output forward so that your ears will be able to enjoy a far more immersive experience. Nice to know TRTL BOT has a heart for the environment, as this California-manufactured accessory relies on non-toxic recycled plastic which is BPA free and dishwasher safe, and you can pick up The Shell in Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Grass Green for $50 in an exclusive pre-order price through October 20th. When launched, it will retail for $65 apiece. Press Release]]>