TechSafe Case targets iPad 2 owners


If you’re an iPad 2 owners, you’re extremely blessed because you have a plethora of accessories to choose from. The only downside is this – with so many choices floating around, how are you going to make a decent decision? I guess this is where tech sites come in handy as they present it to you as it is, leaving you to figure out whether the context of presentation fits your needs and lifestyle.

Griffin Technology has just unveiled their TechSafe Case for iPad 2 which offers a vital anchor point that makes sure your iPad 2 does not get stolen in a public place like Starbucks whenever you need to get up and have your attention occupied elsewhere for a while, thanks to the security of a desktop cable locking system that comes along with it.

Taking just a few seconds to lock down your iPad 2, this is far safer than asking someone else at the local coffee joint to look after your device while you make your way to the loo – after all, you never know whether that person was about to leave and takes the opportunity to embark from that place with your iPad 2 in hand – for good. Constructed using protective polycarbonate, the TechSafe Case will lock around your iPad while delivering a secure anchor point for the included 4-digit combination-lock security cable.

All you need to do is key in the code, press the locks plunger, and it will automatically release the tablet and case for carrying. Isn’t that highly convenient without being cumbersome? Glad to know it is also small enough to ensure your iPad 2 does not become a chore to tote around. Griffin goes one step further by offering you online storage space to stash away your unique 4-digit combination-lock code just in case your mind plays a little bit of hide and seek with you.

Security, protection and usability in a single package – what else can you ask for? With two foldout workstands accompanying this $79.99 purchase (one inclined for typing and tapping, and one for upright landscape viewing), the TechSafe Case and Cable Lock seems to be a decent must-have purchase.

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