Vigilant Emergency Wrist Alarm

When it comes to personal protection, you cannot be too careful these days. Of course, it pays to always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings wherever you go, and if you so happen to have enrolled in some self-defense classes, surely you would be better prepared should some creep come up on you and try something untoward. For those who are lacking in the art of fighting, there is the $16.99 Vigilant Emergency Wrist Alarm – while it will not disable an attacker the way a taser would, this unique wrist band will be able to be activated in a jiffy, where the alarm draws attention to you should you need help, not to mention deterring attackers as well.
It comes in pretty pink, so I don’t think the guys would be wearing this anytime soon, and designed for one-touch activation with hands free operation, you can be sure that it will work well when called upon. There are also flashing emergency lights that cater for nighttime visibility and location. It is useful for rape-prevention, but interestingly enough, the package itself does not contain the word “rape” so that it ends up being appropriate for all ages. After all, you might find it awkward to explain the meaning of the word to your little one wearing this.