Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player

The Apple iPod touch has proved to be quite the sexy MP3 player, but is it cute? That’s definitely not the adjective that one uses to describe the iPod touch, but that does not mean there are no other devices out there that are able to melt your heart with a glance. Case in point, the $59.99 Cuddle Tunes MP3 Player. Sure, it might seem to be overkill to fork out that kind of money for an MP3 player, but how many MP3 models do you know out there that will be able to offer you some cuddly comfort at the end of a particularly long day instead of looking all brick-like?
This device not only plays back all your favorite tunes, it will also allow you to record personal messages to your geekling, thanks to the built-in speakers. All you need to do is press play and a personalized bedtime soundtrack will play back. Let your imagination go wild as you record stories, songs as well as lovey dovey messages. Future updates can always be uploaded to the bear via USB, and each purchase will be accompanied by a year’s worth of unlimited Cuddletunes website access for you to change the soundtrack as you please.
Granted, 1GB of storage space won’t get you too far these days, but at least you have something to hug when listening to those heartbreaking tunes.