Mindflex Duel up for sale


ThinkGeek has finally brought the Mindflex Duel to the market – never mind that in January this year, we reported that Mindflex Duel is already available for pre-order over at Amazon. Well, I suppose ThinkGeek made a rare mistake by calling it “Mindflex Dual”, but that’s just semantics talking here. What we’re more interested in is some sort of wizard-like powers you and your opponent will wield, where EEG technology is used to figure out your concentration level where the strongest mind will prevail.

Basically, each of you will strap your respective headbands, and your concentration will be focused on the ball – it rises as you concentrate, sinking it when you relax. All you need to do is force the ball into your opponent’s end zone and you’ve scored a point. The entire $109.99 setup will come with a couple of headsets, a quartet of balls as well as different parts to set up mind games.

This seems to be a rather heavy eater of batteries though, so rechargeables are recommended if you’re going to play it in the long run. A quartet of C batteries will be required for the console, while a trio of AAA batteries will power each headset.

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