FINIS announces Tempo Trainer Pro availability


Metronomes aren’t just for folks who play the piano, you know. FINIS, the worldwide leader in technical swimming development and provider of select training equipment for the U.S. Olympic Swim Team, has just announced that they have made available their Tempo Trainer Pro – which essentially is an audible metronome pacing device. This is not revolutionary, but it is new and improved where personal pace coach devices are concerned.

The Tempo Trainer Pro is meant to assist a swimmer develop consistency by avoiding lulls through the transmission of an audible tempo beep while swimming. This is no doubt a tiny, waterproof device which can be worn under a swimmers cap, while sporting a sync button. It will be powered by a replaceable battery, sporting three modes which will monitor your strokes-per-minute and floating capability.

If you want to up the ante in your swimming routine, the Tempo Trainer Pro can be yours for $49.99. Of course, this is meant for serious swimmers only, but those who feel that they still want to shave off some seconds off their personal best would also be a suitable candidate to have the Tempo Trainer Pro under their swimming caps, as it works to synchronize your strokes according to your ability, helping you find the optimum combination of Distance-Per-Stroke (DPS) and stroke rate.

Since you can replace the battery now, it becomes an even better buy – as the Tempo Trainer Pro is able to last multiple lifetimes. Not only that, new features include a revamped Sync button and a new mode in strokes/strides per minute for increased functionality. If you do not have a penchant for water sports, then the Tempo Trainer Pro comes with a clip for dry land exercise including running and cycling.

Don’t worry about it getting lost in the swimming pool – it is 100% floatable, so even if it comes off, it should be on the water’s surface, bobbing up and down somewhere.

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