Callet gives your mobile phone pockets for cash and credit cards

Here is a good question that someone once asked me: which would you rather lose, your wallet or your mobile phone?
If you have a Callet, then you have probably lost both. You can see it on the iPhone 4 in this picture, and it is a high quality Gel-Polymer the gives your mobile some pockets. (See the slits on the back?)
These slit pockets are perfect for two credit cards, or maybe a little cash. It is perfect for situations when you are can’t bring in a bag into a stadium for a game. Granted, I never have that problem, but I don’t have a purse. Still, as a man, it would be handy to have a credit card and cash on hand. It turns my mobile phone cover into a money clip!
Personally, I think the Callet is ahead of its time. This mobile phone cover is prepared for the age of the digital wallet, when we no longer carry our wallet and mobile phone as two separate items. I suppose that cash, licenses, and credit cards will all be apps, but until then, the Callet has the pockets for them.
You should be able to get the Callet on the official website for the Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve, and the iPhone. They come in many colors and cost $19.95 each.

1 thought on “Callet gives your mobile phone pockets for cash and credit cards”

  1. Kinda silly? let ad more loss to the factor when if gets stolen, taken left, dropped in mud … etc…..
    just dont see it happening or people buying it

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