Virtu-LIMB is the best robot hand I have seen

by Mark R

We have reported on prosthetic robot hands before, and I think we all know that this will be an obvious advancement in artificial limb technology.

The Virtu-limb from i-Limb Pulse made an appearance at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly in Las Vegas this week. This Virtu-limb is able to pick up electrical signals in arm muscles via electrodes.

This set-up is designed to transmit signals wirelessly to a prosthetic hand linked by Bluetooth to a PC. This hand on the dock is also known as a i-Limb Ultra. It can also do a PC simulation of an artificial hand in the digital space of a computer.

The purpose of this device is to determine the best locations for a prosthetic device, as well as training for an artificial hand for prospective users. I’m not certain whether the terms “test-drive” or “try before you buy” are appropriate, but I suppose that it is the best way of describing what this can do.

I suppose that we will soon live in an era where prosthetic limbs will be as good as the one Blair Brown wears on the television show Fringe. I’m looking forward to the day when I can’t tell the difference between a prosthetic arm and a real one.


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