Electronic Rock Guitar Bag

You might not be Joe Satriani or Santana, but that does not mean you cannot express yourself using a guitar, can you? Since technology has clearly advanced by leaps and bounds these days, it makes perfect sense for the guitar to be transported onto a totally unexpected item – that of a tote bag. Hence, ThinkGeek presents the $49.99 Electronic Rock Guitar Bag. The name of the bag gives the game away – you can basically crank out your favorite rock tunes and guitar riffs with this without needing much skill. After all, all the major chords are recorded from an actual electric guitar, where all you need to do is strum your thumb across the fingerboard and you’re good to go. There is also a mini amp that brings the volume level up by several notches, while the tone knob lets you adjust the sound just like the real thing. Every button on the neck is a major chord, so without much skill, you will definitely be able to play some classic tunes while impressing those around you. Powered by four AAA batteries, this is one bag that we would not put into the washer or dryer unless you want it to remain silent – forever. ]]>